Is The Vegan Hype Worth It?

I had the chance to interview an expert in her field, barefoot runner and journalist Caity McCardell, former radio host of runbarefootgirl.com. We did a podcast together a while back and now it was time to turn things around. I was thrilled to have the honour to ask her some pressing questions I have had on my mind about vegan diets.

The vegan diet is still highly promoted in the ultra running scene.

Is it really so much more effort to make more conscious choices each day about the foods you eat? And start feeling even better about yourself, experiencing higher levels of energy, better overall body feeling, needing less sleep, recovering quicker from running, shedding excess weight…the list of benefits is long.

Sometimes influences and opinions from the people around you can throw you back into those old habits that knowingly die hard. Sometimes even to the extent of sensing social pressure of “fitting in” with the main crowd.

Remember, though, that being an ultra runner is different from what the main crowd considers normal.

Discovering some aspects of the vegan diet will help you discover that a different way of eating spreads into other areas of life.

Small steps lead a long way as Caity shares in the interview.

It may just be the answer to many of your considerations about the vegan diet. What´s the hype all about?  😉

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