What The Top 2% Ultra Runners Eat For Breakfast

It´s almost too hard to believe what the top ultra runners eat for breakfast. But why complicate things when there is an easy way to prepare your body for the next long run or ultra marathon.

I´m a great believer that, the less you turn your training, nutrition and other pieces of the puzzle that shape your being an ultra runner, into rocket science the more you get to enjoy not only your daily training but also your races.

The same applies to the non-scientific approach to choosing the right foods for breakfast. Years ago, I was far too perfectionist to do things the simple way. Again, analyzing the foods I was in eating in much detail helped me to get a feeling for the right amounts and combinations for each meal I was eating.

Surviving the Marathon des Sables on the most simple breakfast made of 100 g of rolled oats and water made me think twice and from then on, maintaining a simple approach.

If you look at the top 2% ultra runners that are ruling the races currently and understand what these ultra runners eat for breakfast then it goes to show that they don´t waste much time on measuring and calculating every bite.

Are you still looking for that perfect solution knowing that you won´t suffer from gut distress?

I´m curious what your favorite breakfast is? Which foods have proven to be your most ideal one on race morning or right before a long run?

Share your secret tip and let me know what your thoughts are. I look forward to be reading your comment. Just leave `em right below!


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