Trans Gaspesia 2014 – The Survival Of The Toughest And How Guy Doiron Did It

Still feeling thrilled about Guy´s outstanding and amazing performance at Trans Gaspesia in Canada awarded with winning his age group (35-39).

I am left with not much to say except to take my hat off to this super ambitious, driven and passionate ultra runner whose sheer willpower helped him finish a race that is known as ONE OF the toughest multi-stage ultra marathon on the planet. Needless to say, only 13 out of 20 runners actually made it.

When Guy first approached me about being his coach for three months and after I had taken a look at his running background I knew this was going to be challenging. Guy has an amazing attitude towards life and always finds an opportunity in something that other people would take as a setback.

Even some niggles and minor injuries would not hold him back in his pursuit to make it to the start and finish no matter what. We adjusted his training plan in a way that would support his strengths and divert to cross training for a week.

A strong-willed ultra runner by nature he developed the skills that would make him even stronger. Never once tired ( except during the taper phase!) or drained Guy managed the training loads in an unbelievably strong manner given that he´s also a full-time employee.

It goes to show again that ambitious ultra marathon running is possible - on a high level and higher! Real people with real lives.

This was just the beginning of Guy´s newly-born passion for multi-stage races. His race report will follow...

What was your toughest ultra marathon ever? What obstacles did you have to face during your training? Join the conversation and leave a comment...I´d love to hear from you...


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