How To Deal With Food Allergies And Other Issues…And Sticking To A Diet That Works

In our first podcast, Mary and I talked about her background and motivation going from Iron Woman to Ultra Woman out of sheer curiosity and being on a mission to find out what´s beyond the classic marathon distance.

Mary is quite an expert in the field of (raw) vegan diets. Over the years, she´s found that eating mainly whole foods influence her in such a positive way that she feels energized and is able to perform on a high level in training and in races.

When she lived in Japan for a while Mary discovered a new and healthier way of eating and gradually integrated those foods into her daily routine. The initial and long-term benefits never made her go back to the traditional diet.

In part 2 of this series we discuss pre-race nutrition, overcoming food allergies, handling food addictions, supplements and initial tips to try to eat healthier.

But - I don´t want you to think that chewing on raw greens all day does the trick.

It´s about making more small conscious choices about the foods you pick every day.

A healthy diet is not based on restrictions but on enjoying a natural, less stressful approach of making good choices for at least 80% of the time 😉

In our chat, Mary and I discuss one of many different ways to eat healthy. It is impossible to claim one particular diet as the only good one. Ultimately, eating right is as complex as finding the perfect training. It simply does not exist.

Nutritious food is about having sustained energy levels instead of eating stuff that makes you feel drained. Getting 80% of your diet right is all you need to do. The rest is about a well-structured training plan, working on the mental game and doing those highly-efficient exercises.

So sit back and relax for a few minutes or simply download the podcast and listen to it on your next easy run...

Now it´s your turn and I´d like to hear from you what type of diet works for you? Or what do you most struggle with in a world of so much choice? What are your every day staple foods?

Join the community and drop me a comment below. Because your feedback can help so many others.


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