You Can Do Magic… With These Mental Techniques For Running

Mary and I have covered the main parts of how you can accomplish your goal. Now we highlight on the mental techniques for running and to fire up your mind.

You´ll know how you can shift your thoughts in the right direction to achieve literally any of your ultra marathon goals.

It doesn´t take much. No guru. No scientist. No special teacher.

I´ve found with many of the athletes I have coached up until this day this crucial part of training is often neglected. People that have practiced certain techniques like meditation have achieved their goal far easier than those who haven´t. From my experience, 50% of a race is run in your mind.

You have a much easier time out on the race course if you´ve dedicated some quality time to the art of sitting still. Far from any distractions and using only ten minutes of your spare time to visualize your goal. Inhaling the feeling of reaching that finish line and having given your best.

You create the way you want to perform in your mind – yes, it´s that simple and easy.

Even if it´s just for you to say: I have done all that I could to prepare myself for this race. Part of it is training your mind and using the power of your thoughts to influence you in a positive way when you hit the wall.

Ready…sit back and be ready to fire up your mind.


Share your thoughts and spread the word on the mental strategy and the relaxation technique you use. Right below…



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