How To Lose Those Extra Unwanted Pounds

It´s time for another round of Q & A.  Just recently I received a question I´d like to share with you.

Lito writes: Lately, I’ve been too busy with work with lots of late night activities on projects I’m working on.

Reason for getting some unwanted extra pounds.

Although I tried to do some running when I could free up the time and also threw in some brisk walks those fats just wouldn´t come off.  Any suggestions?

Yes, I do.

There is a simple formula that helps to understand what it takes to shed some extra weight. Forget counting calories and skip the obvious devils that are consumed without even thinking about it. 

It´s often not an easy task to lose weight and keep it off long-term.

Even if you´re training a lot, running five times per week, doing some additional swimming, hiking, climbing and biking…sometimes it´s a compensational kind of eating that lets you pile on the weight. That extra glass of wine, fast food, even too many nuts, seeds and oils can have the same effect.

What are you to do?

Simply, turn towards more conscious choices and select your food differently. Ask yourself before you eat something whether it is going to make you feel energetic or drained. And I´ve got more tips for you in this week´s video. See what you can take away for yourself and also share your tips and insights.

What do you do in times of increased stress levels so you can maintain your weight?

Or, if you are also struggling with some extra pounds, do you have an ultimate tip on how to turn away from the “bad” foods, a mental trigger and tip you want to share?

Just leave a comment below…I look forward to hear from you.

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