From Ironman To Ultra Marathon Runner – What You Can Take Away from Mary Nathan´s Quest

What is considered ´average´or ´normal´ is left to one´s own perception. Ultra marathon running ain´t exactly the path that the mainstream walks on but when you truly desire something then it´s never too late to go and pursue your dreams.

What every one else thinks around you becomes irrelevant. This has been true for Mary Nathan whom I had the honour to coach and help her achieve her goal – to finish an ultra marathon at the age of 70!!

Do you sometimes find yourself wanting to do a particular race and then decide to put off the idea?

But deep inside you are driven, keen and ambitious striving towards what you originally set out to do. Then life gets in your way. Job, partner, family, and the rest…

That´s what this podcast is all about. Mary and I openly talk about what sparked her about running, her background, training secrets and why she´s never getting tired to explore, optimize and improve herself.

Mary started running in her 50´s and shortly after ran her first marathon. And why not go further and take up triathlon qualifying for the World Championships in Hawaii becoming super successful in her age group!


Now I´d love to hear from you.

What´s the most important follow-through insight you´re taking away today? Or, if you’ve struggled with this issue, what’s the single biggest strategy that’s helped you learn to start pursuing your goal and dealing with outside distractions?

Let me know in the comments below and add as much of your story as you like.





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