Choosing The Right Amounts Of Food Before And During A Run

How much food do you eat before starting your run?

Do you know which amounts of food you need without getting an upset stomach?

It is interesting that you can actually train your body (and mind!) to get used to digesting foods that are eaten shortly before a run and even during training.

Without the nasty surprises of getting stomach cramps or even feeling sick.

I show you what you can do to become a good eater before and during your run. And it´ll all pay off in your next race. You´ll see why here…

Years ago this was really tough for me and it took me a while to change my mindset from thinking that running on an empty stomach is actually better. I preferred to feel light in my body. A bad mistake with little to no perspective of ever stepping up to an ultra marathon without sorting out my diet in training.

Then I started practicing. The result was that I could sustain higher levels of energy throughout the entire run. It was just a matter of trying and testing different amounts of foods and drinks.

These days I can basically eat any healthy and nutritious snacks right before a run and if necessary during my training.

The more you practice eating a small amount before you start running the better you can handle your food intake during a race. Because that´s where it all comes together. The more you have “taught” your body to tolerate food intake during running the less nasty surprises you can expect.

Have you been dealing with this issue and if so, what solutions did you find? Share your insights here as your words might be exactly someone else´s cure.


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