How To Best Prep Your Feet With One Simple Method

An ultra runner´s feet would not necessarily win a beauty contest.

By the nature of it our feet are in many cases prone to blistering. I belong to the group of people whose feet are easy to take care of and rarely suffer from blisters the size of a tennis ball – as seen during the Marathon des Sables.

There is one remedy that can at least prevent you from the worst troubles. And is super-easy to get hold of, easy to apply and seriously fool-proof.


If this magic tape called Leukotape can withstand the rather hot conditions in a desert then it will surely help on a day to day basis for those living in cooler places.

The key is to go simple – my favorite approach all things considered ultra marathon training. It´s worked many times over. The tape functions as a protective layer on the skin. Unlike most products that are pricy and in most cases boost blistering.

What do you do to prevent blisters during long runs and in races? What´s your #1 tip you´d like to share?

Join the conversation and let me know what you think. I look forward to read your comments.

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