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Guy´s Post-Trans Gaspesia Flow And How To Be Unstoppable

A few days ago I contacted Guy to see how he had been after his first super successful multi-day ultra marathon, the Trans Gaspesia. Knowing myself how uplifting a race finish can be creating serious flow and often overlooking symptoms of tiredness I somewhat guessed that he wouldn´t sit still for long. And this is […]

Race Report Trans Gaspesia

Guy´s race report is ready. It sums up the essence of an extraordinary challenging race and the courage it takes to dig really, really deep. Again, Guy´s attitude is what impressed me so much. I often hear people bragging about their training efforts  like world champions but neglecting to work intensely on visualization and building […]

Tweet, tweet – Follow Me Now

I´m super excited about sharing some insightful news with you via twitter. I find that twitter best suits my intention to reach out to you in a more direct way. Since you´re an ambitious ultra runner leading a busy life and wanting to be in-the-know of all important things considered ultra marathon running this is […]

The Power Of Running Early In The Morning

It´s often true in ultra marathon training that the early bird catches the wurm. Still, it can be a real struggle to lift yourself out of bed before 6 am and head out for a training run first thing. But it pays off…   I´d love to hear from you in which ways you motivate […]

How To Build Speed And Stay In The Aerobic Zone

There are two sides to every story and this is often true in ultra marathon training. But in which way is it actually possible to do speed training AND stay in the aerobic zone at the same time…     Please share your comment after watching the video and tell me about your speed training […]

What And When To Eat Before Running

Do you often ask yourself what you should eat before you head out for a run? And are not 100% sure which amounts are ideal to consume before training AND also coming to grips with the timing? Trust me, you´re not alone…and it ain´t rocket science.     Please leave me a comment…tell me about […]