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Ready to expand your training?

It has taken me 5 years to return to a special place. A place in the mountains I felt completely drawn to the moment I arrived there during a photoshoot for Inov-8 in 2010. Life somewhat got in the way of going back to Chamonix, Mont-Blanc any earlier. If anything, I kept finding reasons why […]

Is The Vegan Hype Worth It?

I had the chance to interview an expert in her field, barefoot runner and journalist Caity McCardell, former radio host of runbarefootgirl.com. We did a podcast together a while back and now it was time to turn things around. I was thrilled to have the honour to ask her some pressing questions I have had on my mind […]

How To Best Prep Your Feet With One Simple Method

An ultra runner´s feet would not necessarily win a beauty contest. By the nature of it our feet are in many cases prone to blistering. I belong to the group of people whose feet are easy to take care of and rarely suffer from blisters the size of a tennis ball – as seen during […]

What The Top 2% Ultra Runners Eat For Breakfast

It´s almost too hard to believe what the top ultra runners eat for breakfast. But why complicate things when there is an easy way to prepare your body for the next long run or ultra marathon. I´m a great believer that, the less you turn your training, nutrition and other pieces of the puzzle that […]

Choosing The Right Amounts Of Food Before And During A Run

How much food do you eat before starting your run? Do you know which amounts of food you need without getting an upset stomach? It is interesting that you can actually train your body (and mind!) to get used to digesting foods that are eaten shortly before a run and even during training. Without the nasty surprises of getting stomach […]

How To Lose Those Extra Unwanted Pounds

It´s time for another round of Q & A.  Just recently I received a question I´d like to share with you. Lito writes: Lately, I’ve been too busy with work with lots of late night activities on projects I’m working on. Reason for getting some unwanted extra pounds. Although I tried to do some running […]

You Can Do Magic… With These Mental Techniques For Running

Mary and I have covered the main parts of how you can accomplish your goal. Now we highlight on the mental techniques for running and to fire up your mind. You´ll know how you can shift your thoughts in the right direction to achieve literally any of your ultra marathon goals. It doesn´t take much. […]